5 Make-Up Tips For Women With Dark Skin

Every skin type has different requirements, and there is no type better than others. Thus, we need to give special attention to our skin type to reap maximum benefits from the treatment and ensure a glowing and healthy skin.

Make-up is a common way of embellishing one’s skin; however, one should not go overboard with it and must be reasonable about the same. This is especially necessary for women with dark skin. Women with dark skin tones must be extra careful about putting on makeup because it can cause a big difference in the appearance.

We have 5 makeup tips to offer to such ladies to ensure that they get the perfect makeup for their perfect skin tone.

5 Make-Up Tips For Women With Dark Skin

1. Moisturising The Skin

You cannot miss out on this activity before applying make-up. Women with dark skin tone usually go through dryness issues which cause their skin to appear ashy. Hence, moisturizing the skin regularly retains the moisture in the skin and prevents or fades away the ashy look.

Apply a good quality moisturizer after your everyday shower to have your face and body properly hydrated for the day.

2. Sunscreen

It is a common misconception that women with dark skin tones do not need to apply sunscreen—in fact, it is kind of racist. Just because your complexion is dark does not mean your skin is not vulnerable to the dangers posed by the UV rays.

Do some study on your skin type, hit the market and purchase a good sunscreen, and apply it on a regular basis to offer a much-needed protection to your skin.

3. Choosing The Right Foundation

We need to get the base of our makeup right, and hence, a good foundation is the need of the hour. Whenever you are shopping for a foundation, keep in mind that the foundation should match your skin tone. You might want to use two shades of the foundation for example, by using a lighter shade around the center of the face and the natural shade on the remaining area of the face.

The right foundation does not only sit well on your face but also does away with discolorations. Also, do not go for transparent power, as it causes a grey tinge on the skin.

4. Bronzer

If you are very much into makeup, then you know the value of a bronzer. It is a beauty treatment which makes our skin look shiny and fresh and works effectively even under high temperatures. However, you cannot blindly and without direction apply the same to your skin.

Go for a bronzer which is two shades darker than your tan colour., and while applying the bronzer, do not dust it all over. You need to come up with a neat look—so, apply the bronzer with the help of a sculpting brush and in a C formation.  You should begin with temples and then gradually apply it to the forehead, chin, nose and the sides of the face.

5. Eye Make-up

You have got to take eye makeup seriously—because ifit goes wrong, you can end up becoming a subject of gossip.

If you are attending a casual event during the day, go for subtle shades such as pinks, grey and brown; however, for an evening event, opt for shades such as greens, purple, blue, copper, browns, and burgundy.

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