5 Makeup Tips For Those With Sensitive Skin

If you are one of those with sensitive skin, we know how much trouble it is for you to take care of it. The tragedy is that you have to think twice before applying any product on your skin because,in absence of caution, you might end up with days of worries and annoyance.

One of the biggest issues for sensitive skin type is that make-up is generally avoided. Many feel deprived of an incredible confidence boosting and self-grooming activity, but, alas, the sensitivity. Fret not, we have a few tips in here which can help you deal with that damned sensitivity. With the help of these tips, you can do make-up without any worries.

5 Makeup Tips For Those With Sensitive Skin

Here are 5 such tips to keep in mind:

1. Trail Run Before Application

The fundamental rule is to test everything before you try. As you already know, most products which work on theordinary skin will not be kind to sensitive skin, and thus, it is highly advisable to first apply a small patch of the product on the face and leave it over there for 24 hours. If there is no reaction, it is a go-ahead.

2. Friends Of Sensitive Skin

Yes, we are talking about using those products and formulae which are proven friendly to sensitive skin. Concerning make-up, you should prefer hypo allergic, non-comedogenic and non-greasy formulae which are enriched with antioxidants and moisturizers.

You should go for light textures which do not plug pores and enable the skin to breathe. Also, you should consider using products which work against pollution and the sun.

3. Run Away From Allergens

One of the key ingredients of perfect skin care is being cautious about what you use. When purchasing makeup, you should exercise due caution regarding the ingredients used in the product and whether the products qualify the necessary tests.

While assessing the product, make sure you check whether it is “Nickel tested”—that is it has low nickel content and hence, would not cause allergic reactions.

4. Take Care Of Your Beauty Products

Just like your skin, your skincare products also need care and attention. To ensure that your products last longer and work as effectively as new, you must find them a cool, dry place. Do not leave them uncapped or in contact with theatmosphere. Make sure you clean up brushes after use.

5. Exfoliating

It is necessary to exfoliate once a week to open pores and remove dead cells. Exfoliating offers dual benefits: it makes your skin smoother and brightens up your complexion. By inculcating it in your personal care regime, your skin will absorb better the active ingredients of the beauty products you use for make-up.

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