7 Remedies To Guard Your Skin Against The Sun

One of the fundamentals of skin care treatment is protection against the sun. The sun emits harmful UV rays which do a lot of damage to the skin and the damage is often such which cannot be easily controlled.

In this article, we will talk about 7 ways which can offer assistance against the sun. Follow each one of them regularly and you will have your precious skin protected and healthy without requiring you to cave in.

7 Remedies To Guard Your Skin Against The Sun

1. Layering

You must layer up before heading out. You must not go outside without putting on the sunscreen. Incorporate the sunscreen to everything you put on—whether primer or moisturizer. Look for the SPF value of minimum 30 to ensure that your skin is effectively protected.

2. Baby Sunscreen

Yeah, you read it right—we want you to apply baby sunscreen and we have good reasons for such recommendation.

Skin experts recommend that people with sensitive skin should use sunscreens having physical blockers such as zinc oxide. Baby sunscreens comprise of such blockers and are very effective on sensitive skin.

3. Sun-Protective Outwear

Do not go overboard with this tip. We want you to layer up reasonably and cover up your body enough to protect it from the sun. Go for long-sleeved shrugs or coats, hats, and shoes to guard your skin.

4. Big-Framed Shades

Your skin around the eyes is often exposed to the dangers of the sun, and therefore, it becomes all the more essential to cover it up with a nice, big-framed pair of sunglasses having polarised lenses and UV filters. You should avoid anything which is reflective because they reflect rays (of course!) and these rays hit your cheeks.

Always go for high-quality glasses in case you are serious about skin care!

5. Diet

You need to work on your diet and include certain foods to increase your skin’s natural protective abilities against the sun. You should go for citrus fruits, strawberries, carrots, pomegranates and green tea to enhance your skin’s self-protective properties.

Consumption of these foods on a regular basis can be of real help and even contribute to theminimization of expenses on skin protection products.

6. Seeking shades

The rays of the sun are the strongest around 10AM to 3 PM and therefore, when you are out, try seeking shade whenever possible.

7. A dermatologist’s help

Every skin type needs distinct skin care treatment—and a dermatologist is best placed to assist you in deciding what your skin needs the most right now. Get a full body scan once a year to know the health of your skin.

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