Podcast Roundup—Renée’s Top Skin Tips, Business Advice, and How She Stays Resilient

Something that’s brought me a lot of joy these past few years is being on the podcast circuit. It’s no secret that podcasts as a medium have really taken off, and I think it’s such a great way for people to connect with like-minded communities and learn more about subjects they have a passion for.

I’ve had the pleasure of being invited to discuss a variety of topics. I’ve talked about everything from skincare tips (no shocker there!) and business advice for those in the beauty industry to my experiences with love, grief, and loss. There’s definitely something for everyone, and I hope you gain some new wisdom from things I have learned along the way in my career and life.

On My Best Skincare Advice

First up, I talk all things skin and share the wealth of knowledge I’ve accumulated over the past thirty years as an esthetician. No matter your skin type or how advanced you are when it comes to skincare, I guarantee you’ll learn something new!

Breaking Beauty (Ep. 99)

Listen to Breaking Beauty to learn:

  • How to build your perfect skincare routine (after all, even the most experienced among us need to take it back to basics sometimes!) Also, Jill and Carlene, the hosts of Breaking Beauty, told me this is one of their top five most popular podcasts of all time!

Fat Mascara (Ep. 178)

Listen to Fat Mascara to learn:

  • How to find a great facialist (and what questions to ask)
  • How much treatments should cost
  • Which at-home skincare devices are actually worth it (which you can learn more about in this blog post!)
  • And much more!

The Dream Bigger Podcast

Listen to The Dream Bigger Podcast to learn:

Gloss Angeles

Listen to Gloss Angeles to learn:

  • My advice for how to figure out your real skin type
  • What to do about adult acne and blemishes (my specialty!)
  • Why skin mists might be a huge no-no during your daytime routine

So This is Thirty

Listen to So This is Thirty to learn:

  • How to take care of the skin around your eyes (ever wondered whether eye creams are worth it?)
  • My daily skincare routine, both morning and evening
  • Strategy for treating brown spots and discoloration
  • My philosophy behind starting my skincare line

Drinkin Broettes (Ep. 17)

Listen to Drinkin Broettes to learn:

  • Common skincare misconceptions many people still have
  • Do’s and don’ts for skin over thirty (and what we can all do to help keep our skin looking youthful!)
  • The different skin types as I’ve observed them in my thirty years as an esthetician (hint: it’s not normal, oily, and dry)
  • The lowdown on the causes of adult acne and how to address it 

Caroline Hirons (YouTube)

Okay, so not technically a podcast, but I just had to include this one! I was lucky enough to join Caroline for a chat on her YouTube channel when I was in London last year.

Watch my video with Caroline Hirons to learn:

  • The famous dermatologist who influenced my skincare philosophy
  • How to correctly identify your skin type (I believe there are nine)
  • Why I’m not sure how my top-selling product works
  • My number one skincare myth that will probably surprise you
  • How I keep my focus as a CEO (people over profits!)

On Career Advice for Estheticians

Starting a career as an esthetician is hard, and starting a business is even harder. I’ve been a business owner since the age of twenty-one and have certainly learned from both my victories and my mistakes. On these podcasts, I talk business and get down to the nitty-gritty.

The Treatment Room With Tess & Lauren (Ep. 50)

Listen to The Treatment Room to learn:

  • My journey into the skincare world 
  • How I became a celebrity esthetician
  • How I went from a treatment room in Boston to a being  traveling esthetician for my celebrity clients (all while running a company)
  • How I went about curating and developing a product line

The Beauty Biz Show with Lori Crete

Listen to The Beauty Biz Show to learn:

  • Why everyone needs a mentor
  • What social media can do for your business
  • The personality traits of a hirable esthetician
  • How blogging attracts clients and press
  • Why you shouldn’t be scared to sell to clients
  • Why you have to ask questions when you interview for jobs
  • How to stay busy and build clientele
  • When you can offer a free service

Beauty Bizz BFFs

Listen to Beauty Bizz BFFs to learn:

  • Tips to attract and keep clients
  • Biggest no-nos when starting a business
  • Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

On Life, Love, Loss, Grief, and Resiliency

Of course, life isn’t all skincare and business. I’ve learned some really important lessons (some harder than others) and was honored to be able to share them with a wider audience.

Grief is a Sneaky Bitch

Of all the podcasts I’ve been on, this is the one I was most nervous to record. I was apprehensive about discussing the loss of my husband, Florian, in such a public way. But in the end, it was such a cathartic experience and I’m so glad I did it.

Listen to Grief is a Sneaky Bitch to learn:

  • The lessons I learned from my business partner and husband, Florian, over our twenty-two-year relationship
  • The myths and the realities of accompanying someone through a cancer diagnosis 
  • How I’m doing my best to blaze a shining trail as I adventure on, carrying his memory into the future (follow my tributes at #thisisflorian)

Twenty-Something Trials (Ep. 22)

Listen to Twenty-Something Trials to learn:

  • How I identify my “core values”
  • How I use those core values to stay on track, both in life and in business
  • How I started my career
  • What inspired me to move and uproot my whole life and why you should, too (hint, this Elite Daily post was life-changing for me.)

Which Podcasts Do I Personally Listen To?

I love all of the above podcasts so those are listened to regularly and here are some others:

Coming Soon…

  • A few days ago, I recorded another podcast with Gloss Angeles but this time, I was a CO-HOST! I answered a ton of listener skincare questions, so it will be really informative. It will air this Tuesday, Sept. 29. Be sure to check back with this blog post for the updated link.
  • Next week, I’m recording a podcast for the EO 360 podcast. I’m a member of EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization) so I’ll be talking about all business and company growth. They were inspired after they read my Inc interview on why I think bigger isn’t always better, and how I like to grow my company at my own speed.

A huge thanks to each and every one of the lovely hosts who have invited me onto their podcasts or channels! I hope you enjoy learning from these as much as I enjoyed recording them.

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